Magazine article The Christian Century

Best Sellers

Magazine article The Christian Century

Best Sellers

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1. The Historical Jesus Through Catholic and Jewish Eyes edited by Bryan F. Le Beau, Leonard Greenspoon and Dennis Hamm, S.J.

2. Archaeology and the Galilean Jesus: A Re-examination of the Evidence by Jonathan L. Reed

3. Telling the Untold Stories: Encounters with the Resurrected Jesus by John Beverly Butcher

4. Paul and Politics: Ekklesia, Israel, Imperium, Interpretation edited by Richard A. Horsley

5. Beyond Cloning: Religion and the Remaking of Humanity edited by Ronald Cole-Turner

Westminster John Knox

1. The Greatest Story Ever Sold: A Considered and Whimsical Illumination of the Really Good Parts of Holy Writ by Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor

2. Isaiah (The Old Testament Library) by Brevard S. Childs

3. Excellent Protestant Congregations: The Guide to Best Places and Practices by Paul Wilkes

4. God's Touch: Faith, Wholeness, and the Healing Miracles of Jesus by Bruce G. Epperly

5. Calvin's Institutes: Abridged Edition edited by Donald K. McKim


1. Handbook of Postmodern Biblical Interpretation edited by A. K. M. Adam

2. Living from the Center: Spirituality in an Age of Consumerism by Jay McDaniel

3. The Old Testament and Process Theology by Robert K. Gnuse

4. The Good News According to Matthew: A Training Manual for Prophets by Paul S. Minear

5. Attentive to God: Spirituality in the Church Committee by Karen Marie Yust


1. Why religion Matters by Houston Smith

2. Reading the Bible Again for the First Time by Marcus J. Borg

3. Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

4. Touching My Father's Soul by Jamling Tenzing Norgay

5. The Four Witnesses by Robin Griffith-Jones


1. Powers, Weakness, and the Tabernacling of God by Marva Dawn

2. The Book of Marriage edited by Dana Mack and David Blankenhorn

3. …

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