Magazine article American Libraries

A Sampler of Spanish-Language Title from Latin America

Magazine article American Libraries

A Sampler of Spanish-Language Title from Latin America

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FROM A NEW CENTER FOR Latin American publishing come these 18 recommended titles for building your contemporary Spanish-language collection. AD were pubfished or reissued during 1987-89.

The demand for Spanish-language books by many Hispanic readers in the US. has not been diminished by Englishonly laws. Librarians are eager to serve those readers, but find that good new titles are out of the reviewing/acquisitions mainstream, not easy to identify or order

This listing, which we hope will be followed by others, was conceived at the 1988 Guadalajara Book Fair (Fil) in Mexico, where attending US. librarians called for better access to Latin American imprints, including timely reviews in US. media.

American Libraries, covering the fair (AL, Feb., p. 164-66), agreed to provide space for our initial selection of good recent books and to consider further listings if readers expressed interest.

As organizers of Fil, a year-round center for the book based at the University ofGuadalajara, we consider ourselves well positioned to identify appropriate library titles from the Latin American publishing industry. Although this first listing concentrates on Mexican and Argentinian imprints, our contacts range throughout Latin America. Future lists would reflect that broader base.

Grouped below by publisher, most of these titles are distributed in the U.S. by:

Hispanic Books Distributors, Inc. (800634-2124, 602-882-9484);

The Bilingual Publications Co. (212-8732067); and

Lectorum Publications, Inc. (212-9292833).

The prices given are those suggested by the publishers for US. sales and are subject to change without notice. Resellers are free to set their own prices.

LDS ninos de la Pacanda, written and illustrated by Ulf Lofgren. 32p. Mexico: Sis temas Tecnicos de Edicion, 1987 (968-6048-25-1), $6.25 (paperback); (9686048-26-X), $11.95 (hardbound).

A children's story about life in La Pacanda, a small Mexican village near Patzcuaro. The Swedish author, who knows these people very well, is sensitive to their daily lives, customs, celebrations, and surroundings. Both Mexican and nonMexican children will surely know and feel La Pacanda, thanks to this author's acute sense of observation.

Salven mi selva, by Monica Zak, illus. by Bengt-Arne Runnerstrom. 32p. Mexico: Sistemas Tecnicos de Edicion, 1987 (9686048-23-5), $6.75 (paperback); (968-604824-3), $12.95 (hardbound).

This moving story follows an 8-year-old boy's journey to the last jungle in Mexico, 1,300 km from his home in Mexico City His discoveries include the adult world's indifference to natural resources, and the power of determination, perseverance, and mutual assistance. A wonderful book that will reach children with a deep human and ecological message.

El sol es un techo altisimo, written and illustrated by Liliana Santirso. 24p. Amecameca, Mexico: Editorial Amaquemecan, 1987 (968-7205-37-7), $6.45 (paper).

A disabled child, ignored by her family and ridiculed by other children, struggles to express her feelings.

Fabulas del Caribe, by Alga Marina Elizagaray, illus. by Patricio Gomez. 64p. Mexico: Editorial Aniaquemecan, 1988 (968-7205-331-8), $8.45 (paper).

The color, ingenuity, and warm human values of Caribbean folklore enrich this collection of seven traditional tales. We learn how the animals got their heads, how an exasperated ear managed to escape from an implacable mosquito, and how the proverbial tortoise won its umpteenth race, this time against a deer.

El que escucha, by Taylor Caldwell. 267p. Mexico: Editorial Grijalbo, 1988 (969-919-797-7), $5.80 (paper).

The masterful Taylor Caldwell tells an astonishing story: An enigmatic man, "the one who listens," meets a series of characters whose tormented souls look toward him in search of something that can help them recover their hope of living. …

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