Magazine article Management Today

Weak at the Top

Magazine article Management Today

Weak at the Top

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Arrived latish after an early meeting with my duvet ran over. Shirley on reception asked me whether I worked for Smokehouse, which she does without fail every time I arrive after 9.30am. Found my desk weighed down by huge glossy brochure from HR department -- 'Your Behaviour is Our Business'. Inside it told us that we should behave in a way that reflected the core values of the Smokehouse brand. I binned it in a way that reflected the Smokehouse reputation for immediate, forceful action. At that moment Giles Renton-Willets (weirdo HR director] popped into my office and asked me what I thought of the big new initiative from his department. I said there was certainly a place for that sort of thing.


Got in slightly late because of appalling traffic. I had to wait at home until it had completely cleared. Was crossing the car park when Bill Peters shouted from his window that I wasn't walking in a way that was consistent with brand values. 'Report to HR! Report to HR!' he yelled. I didn't know which was funnier, Bill Peters' shouting or the look on the face of our CEO Sir Marcus Rigby standing outside reception with important business contact. Shirley asked me whether I was paid undertime -- money for coming in late. Does having someone that sarcastic on reception reflect well on the firm? Bill e-mailed me suggesting we should write another brochure called 'Our Behaviour is None of your Business'.


Arrived late and told Shirley I hadn't heard the alarm. She recommended turning it on. At meeting of Exec I asked whether Renton-Willets' pony-tail was consistent with Smokehouse brand values. Or come to that, whether Renton-Willets was consistent with brand values. We were ahead on points until Bill suggested a programme of selective breeding of graduates to fit the brand. There's something about this new HR offensive that's got right up Bill's nose. …

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