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CAT Scans in Dentistry

Magazine article Nutrition Health Review

CAT Scans in Dentistry

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CAT Scans In Dentistry

Computer technology in the field of dentistry now appears ready to offer a wonderful new benefit: less dental surgery.

The "CAT scan" or "CT scan," named for "computed tomography" is a procedure that can create an x-ray film of very small "slices" of the body and head. It produces a picture so accurate that dentists can build an exact model of a jawbone from the computer data.

Being able to determine the exact contours of the jaw means that the dentist no longer has to open the gums surgically and take an impression of the bone from which a plaster model is made. This is particularly important in placing dental implants under gums.

These "subperiosteal" implants are used primarily in cases in which bone loss has created an intolerable situation for either removable dentures or for in-bone implants. The subperiosteal framework supports a permanently mounted artificial tooth, which is much more functional and stable than removable artificial teeth.

The procedure for placing a subperiosteal implant now involves surgery to take an impression of the jawbone, construction of the implant framework and then a second surgery to implant it. …

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