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When the Aristocracy Joins a Growing Business

Magazine article Nutrition Health Review

When the Aristocracy Joins a Growing Business

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When the Aristocracy Joins a Growing Business Dear Bankrupt Person,

I have obtained your name from court documents. Your bankruptcy is a matter of public record, as is the fact that no one should do business with you, that no one can grant you credit, that the police probably have a file on you, and, finally, that anyone who associates with you places himself under suspicion.

In our country the situation is much like it was in the Middle Ages, if perhaps more subtle and refined. In the eyes of the law, you are a leper. Though you are not physically ill, legally it is as if you have AIDS. The sophistication of our information and data systems enables everyone to be checked thoroughly for legal leprosy and insures that you, the leper, will be shunned.

Therefore, the most hideous carrion-vultures will pursue you now more than ever. The hungriest extortionists will entice you to borrow money and then will try to collect on this new debt. No one will protect you.

We are altogether different. If you don't want to get an illegal line of credit at a Spanish bank, if you do not want to embark on a life of crime, if you lack the courage for a burglary, bank robbery, or life abroad, then we have another solution for you to consider.

Join our association and we will open a bank account for you. Then, as soon as you donate a kidney to another member of the association, money will flow into your account, allowing you to pay yourself a modest salary or buy a car. …

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