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The Pga Leads Golf Industry Recruiting Using Technology

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

The Pga Leads Golf Industry Recruiting Using Technology

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In the early 1990s, The PGA of America began a quest to develop more responsive employment services for the golf industry. Now, as we step forward in the 21st century, many of the new advances in PGA employment services have revolved around technology.

In 1996, The PGA introduced CareerLinks, an innovative employment referral service that was created to help golf industry employers find and hire qualified PGA members. CareerLinks leverages the power of the computer, the Internet, professional assistance, and search firm capabilities to help golf industry employers save time, money, and a lot of headaches. CareerLinks' goal is to help foster win-win employment relationships, and judging by its' growth, it must be succeeding.

In 1996, CareerLinks featured 8,000 PGA professionals in its database with a modest goal of helping 50 employers that year. Four years later, CareerLinks has assisted over 1,500 golf industry employers and includes over 16,000 PGA Professionals in its database.

CareerLinks' success revolves around two key components, with the most important component being the complimentary services and assistance provided by nine regional PGA Career Consultants. This team of consultants, who possess diverse professional backgrounds in corporate human resources, marketing, and golf facility management, provide expert employment assistance to golf industry employers. The Career Consultants' portfolio of services include CareerLinks and CareerNet -- an online job advertisement and help wanted service, hiring process tips, needs analysis, interview assistance, job descriptions, compensation information, and much more. The Consultants' goal is to simplify the hiring process for employers, and ensure that a mutually successful employment relationship is created.

The second component of CareerLinks is a state-of-the-art database that includes critical employment information for more than 16,000 PGA Professionals. In the fall of 1995, The PGA began building the CareerLinks database by scanning information captured from a survey that was mailed to all PGA Professionals. The survey requested information not unlike that which is found on a resume, such as work history, education, key skills and experience, and future employment preferences. That survey information became the database that was used in searches to identify candidates meeting an employer's search specifications.

How Does CareerLinks Work?

CareerLinks usually begins with a golf course employer calling The PGA for assistance. The regional PGA Career Consultant contacts or meets with the employer to review their specific hiring needs. The consultant and employer work together to determine the key skills and experience that are necessary to successfully perform the job. This process is made easier with the help of the "PGA CareerLinks Hiring Solution," a comprehensive guidebook that assists the employer with analyzing his or her hiring needs. The guidebook also contains exceptional tools and tips that are helpful in all aspects of the hiring process.

Once the search criteria are determined, it is then entered into the CareerLinks database. CareerLinks instantaneously searches the database and identifies PGA members meeting the employer's search criteria. Those who meet the search criteria are mailed a CareerLinks job notification that includes a position description, job requirements, compensation range, and benefits. Interested candidates forward their resume to the employer, who then reviews the submitted resumes, interviews top candidates, and hires the candidate of choice.

A key benefit of the CareerLinks service is speed! Employers can start receiving resumes within 7-10 days. With the help of Career Consultants and the "CareerLinks Hiring Solution" guidebook, the hiring process is made much easier for employers. D. Brad Hancock, city park manager for Roosevelt City Corporation in Utah, agrees. …

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