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Magazine article Newsweek


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"It will be back. Like 'Jaws 6,' there will be a sequel." Ohio Rep. Robert Ney, on the prospects for campaign-finance reform legislation, which collapsed in the House on Friday

"Don't think for a minute that we haven't taken a look at that sort of thing, because we have.'' D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey, noting that Chandra Levy's case does not fit patterns common to missing-persons cases

"We'll have to take one day at a time." Georgetown University Hospital's Dr. Craig Winkel, on caring for septuplets born at the hospital 12 weeks premature on Friday. All seven infants were in critical condition.

"It's almost like losing someone in your family. It's kind of traumatic." Wayne Pringle, co-chair of the Canadian International Turtle Derby, on canceling the race after 30 years

"Does this decision mean the Communist government will close sweatshops so China's children can watch the Olympics?'' Ohio Rep. Sherrod Brown, on the International Olympic Committee's choice of China as the host of the 2008 Olympic Games

"We stand by our view that an e-book is a book." Statement from Random House after a federal judge ruled that the term "book" in contracts does not include e-books, allowing authors to resell the digital rights to their published work

"He started screaming, 'Let me out, let me out.' That's when I shot at him." Mollie Johnson, a 79-year-old grandmother who fired two rounds at a burglar fleeing from her Baltimore home. She missed. …

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