Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

The Journal OF Lynton Charles

Magazine article New Statesman (1996)

The Journal OF Lynton Charles

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Monday The evening news is on. And even at this great moment in my political life, I do sometimes wonder whether I've got the balance right. I mean, what is it about Jeffrey Archer? Or, should I say, what is it allegedly about Jeffrey Archer? Every day someone else stands up in court and claims she was his mistress. So he was a millionaire, a politician, a world-famous writer, had (or so it is claimed) dozens of pretty women filling up the bedrooms in his various domiciles and -- to boot -- had a fragrant and supportive wife.

I have a job on the fringes of cabinet, bugger-all money (though more than it would have been last week), a history of yearning for a fling with unavailable, manifestly unsuitable or not very attractive women, I can't even get into The Reformer's fantasy cabinet, and my wife opposes everything I do with bitterness and recrimination. Powerful men have powerful needs. Shouldn't I be a bit less timid, a bit more adventurous, give a little scope to my needs and urges? Shouldn't I give Sallyanne a call and suggest dinner?

But there again, where have we learnt about all this Archerian stuff? In a court of law, during a criminal trial in which the defendant is a man who will never have a political career again. Somewhere out there, in an office belonging to a tabloid newspaper, is a file with my name on it. There will be a journalist looking to make a name with a tale about my romps, my sex sessions, my indignities, my intimacies.

So, when Cheryl phones home from the Unison conference to ask after the twins, I remind myself that we have been together a long time, and that -- despite our disagreements -- there is a bond of sympathy and shared experience. I am, therefore, deliberately pleasant, and I express the hope that the conference is a success.

"Oh yes, Lynton," Cheryl replies, an edge in her voice, "it's a success all right. …

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