Magazine article Whole Earth

FUTUREFEEDFORWARD.COM: New Company Tells Future, Sells Future

Magazine article Whole Earth

FUTUREFEEDFORWARD.COM: New Company Tells Future, Sells Future

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A personal message to Whole Earth consumers from our founder and CEO, Redroe Boudaine

I know the future. Every little detail. I can scan it. I can search it. I can index it. I can find out what you will eat for lunch on January 1, 2020, or what sort of ROI your firm will earn over the next three years, the next ten, the next hundred.

I can do this because I understand that forecasting is a logistical problem, not an intellectual exercise. The information you want about tomorrow doesn't exist today, but it will tomorrow. Getting that information to you today is a logistical problem, with a technical solution. That solution is Temporal Networking, and my company, Futurefeedforward, is the first and only company with a functioning Temporal Network.

A Temporal Network passes data from the future to the present through a Temporal Router. Present-side clients accept queries and forward them to our central Query Storage Server. Once responsive data becomes available in our future-side databases, it is forwarded to a Temporal Router, encoded in a wave packet riding a retrograde quantum effect, and passed back to our present-side machines. This way we get today's questions answered with tomorrow's facts.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you are a chemical company developing a new pesticide. You come to us for decision support. We formulate a query concerning the environmental effects of the product and store it on our server. Once the pesticide has been marketed and used for a number of years, our future-side machines pass data on the chemical's impact back to one of our present-side clients, and we pass that data on to you. No fuzzy and costly scenario building. No guesswork. Just the precise facts you need to plan your future.

The elegance of Temporal Networking lies in its simplicity. …

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