Magazine article Marketing

Pen Portratt

Magazine article Marketing

Pen Portratt

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Steve Aldridge is creative partner of direct marketing agency Partners Andrews Aldridge. He had previously worked as creative director at marketing communications organisation Wunderman for six years.

Fast, stylish and written with panache--this is glorious writing--a pleasure for me to behold, which is just as well as this writer is well aware of the effect he has on others.

This writer is like a king of old--someone able to stride along through life making decisions, dispensing opinion, creating change at will.

Describing words include: creative, controlled, controlling, demonstrative, opinionated, stylish, generous, decisive, indulgent, strong, self-contained and with a liking for taking the last word.

Although he has a flair for making others motivated and eager to participate, deep inside this man is sure in the knowledge that what really counts is his own judgement.

He adores people and monitoring their response but doesn't really need either. …

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