Newspapers Get a Fair Share

Article excerpt

Despite heavy print spending by advertisers in several categories last year, newspapers lost some of their market-share gains of 1999, as ads related to the 2000 elections and Olympics in broadcast media drove down newspapers' relative portion of dollars.

Last year, the top 100 brand advertisers in newspapers increased their newspaper ad spending 6.8%, to $6.4 billion, over 1999, but newspapers' share slipped to 56.3% from 56.8%, according to an exclusive E&P/Competitive Media Reporting (CMR) study. Similarly, total newspaper ad spending by all companies rose 7.2%, to $23.9 billion, but newspapers' share declined to 24.2% from 25.4%.

TV got $4 billion from the top 100 brand advertisers in newspapers, an 8.2% gain, as its share rose slightly to 35.8% from 35.7%. Radio's ad dollars swelled 16.6%, to $355.8 million, as its share rose to 3.1% from 2.9%.

At newspapers, the biggest dollar gains came from telecommunications, auto, computer, and entertainment brands. Sprint Cellular Phone Services, for example, pulled money from TV, while pumping $116.6 million into newspapers, up from $10.8 million in 1999, jumping to the 13th spot from the 211th among top brand advertisers in newspapers.

The emphasis on print by high-tech brands was exceptional last year, but the current slump is wiping out many of the gains in the category this year, says Chuck Paul, major accounts manager and director of newspaper client services for New York-based CMR. …


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