Magazine article Insight on the News

Two-Faced Feminists Choose to Look the Other Way with Condit

Magazine article Insight on the News

Two-Faced Feminists Choose to Look the Other Way with Condit

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Remember when feminists marched around Washington in 1992 -- the vaunted political "Year of the Woman" -- pledging to ruin the political careers of insensitive male officials who "just don't get it"? Have all those women now disappeared like Chandra Levy?

Despite their manifest disagreements on life and family issues, feminists and social conservatives could be united in their disgust at the way women are treated by lecherous, usually adulterous men in positions of power. But all the old rhetorical fire that feminists used against Clarence Thomas, former senator Bob Packwood of Oregon and even the late senator John Tower of Texas in their early-1990s heyday has vanished. Levy, a young woman used as a plaything by a married congressman twice her age, is missing. But the feminists have no outrage for the manipulator who lied about the affair and worsened the chances of finding her.

Here's a futile gesture: Try finding any disgust -- or any comment of any kind, for that matter -- about Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif., on the National Organization for Women's (NOW's) Website. The organization has an "Outrage of the Week" but Condit has yet to win the citation.

Remember Sen. Barbara Boxer, D Calif., and her fellow feminist members of Congress marching around the Senate demanding Thomas' Supreme Court nomination be rejected? Boxer spent the last few weeks declaring her support for Condit doing his own thing and suggesting that punishment is "purely up to his district." Now -- finally -- she's demanding that Condit cooperate. What a notion.

For two-faced feminism, the harshest example is Texas windbag Molly Ivins. She proclaimed on CNN's Reliable Sources the oh-so-compassionate position that Chandra's life wasn't worth much: "I'm sure it is very sad that Miss Levy is missing, but it's not going to change people's lives" She called the Levy hubbub a "disgraceful performance" for the press, even a national menace, since "we had the same problem during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Two-thirds of the world's economy collapsed while the press was simply obsessed with Ms. Lewinsky."

Comments such as these reveal Ivins as a "humorist" not because she's funny but because she's so ridiculous you can't possibly take her utterances as anything but a joke. In 1991, Ivins found it "depressing" that Republicans would put Anita Hill through the agony of proving her unsubstantiated charges. Back then she didn't fear the world economy would collapse because the press disgracefully obsessed over Hill. …

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