Emotions and Feelings: Do Animals Have Them?

Article excerpt

Senior Editor Laura Tangley tackles a tough subject in this issue: Do animals have feelings? Do they experience love and grief, for instance, or are those emotions reserved for our own kind? Can emotions in other species really be measured? Can certain animals with high levels of cognition express feelings while other, "lower" organisms cannot?

Such questions are now drawing greater scrutiny among scientists. But lines of investigation are controversial, and some experts warn that what might seem like an emotion is often something quite different. As Tangley reports (see story, page 12), there is still little consensus across the broad array of disciplines that make up biological science.

The subject is even thornier for those without the scientist's instinct to stand back. Most of the photos that accompany our article are the work of Anup and Manoj Shah, who have spent much of their lives observing and photographing wildlife around the world. …


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