Magazine article Monthly Review

The Lessons of the 1988 Election: The Need to Organize

Magazine article Monthly Review

The Lessons of the 1988 Election: The Need to Organize

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Vicente Narvarro is Co-chair of the National Health LCommission of the National Rainbow Coalition.

Thank you so much for writing "Lessons of the 1988 Election" (MR, February 1989. As usual, "The Review of the Month" was clear and to the point. It helped to put into prespective where we are and where we should be. You are on target when you write that the Jackson 1988 campaign was a class movement that challenged the Republican-Democratic status quo and also when you indicate that this represents the most progressive movement we have see since the 1930s. In that insightful editorial, you also stress the need for the Jackson movement to estavlish a historical linkage with the progressive tide of the Roosevelt/New Deal era of the 1930s and early 1940s. You call for a revival of that programmatic theme by quoting the excellent economic bill of rights which was the centerpiece of FDR's 1944 State of the Union message to Congress.

You and your readers might like to know that the Jackson Platform prepared by Jackson representatives to the Democratic National Platform Committee of which I was a member, did include such a comprehensive economic bill of right, with a call to maek the dreams of forty-four years ago a reality in today's United States. As with many other parts of the Jackson draft, this was voted down by the Dukakis majority in the committee. But the Jackson forces did indeed see themselves also as part of the progressive tradition of the New Deal that struggles to achieve for all what is denied to most in this country of ours. Moreover, we in the Jackson campaign showed that the United States has the resources to make such a dream a reality. In area after area--health, education, housing, jobs, and ' others--we showed that we could and should be able to meet such a program. The problem was not the scarcity of resources, an argument

iiidced see tlicmselves also as part of" thc pr()grt-ssiv(, traditioii of the N(,w Dc;il that struggles to a(:Iilevc fo - r all what is denied to most ill this countrv of ours. Moreover, we iii tlicjttcksoii campaign stiowt-d

, that thc United States has tlie resources to make su(:Ii a drcam a realltv. Iii arc;t at-ter areit-licalth, C(]Ll(-atioti, housing, 'obs, and

' i orliers-we showed tfi;it we could and should be able to mect sucli a program. …

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