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From workplace violence and product diversion to check fraud and fire detection, every month security Management Online brings you a broad range of links, reports, articles, surveys, and book chapters that add value to the security function. @ All the items listed below, as well as those referenced elsewhere in the magazine, can be found by going to and clicking on "Beyond Print." You'll also benefit by going to the ASIS Web page, either directly ( or via SM Online. Use that site to view information about upcoming workshops and other useful ASIS membership information.

RFID. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems, often used to prevent retail theft, have the advantage of not requiring contact or a direct line of sight between transmitter and receiver. That's just one tidbit of information about this technology. A Web site operated by AIM, Inc., the global trade association for the automatic identification and data capture industry, provides a peek into the world of RFID, discussing its basics, answering FAQs presenting case studies, describing common applications, and reviewing standards.

In the standards arena, for example, the site details the standards of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the American National Standards Institute. In addition, case studies show how long-range RFID can be used for airport security and bow the city of Vejle, Denmark, is using RFID to track its 149 buses. Link via SM Online.

Book chapters. Check out the latest online excerpts of security books that have been reviewed in the magazine. Among those featured this month is a work on private security and one on stalking.

The excerpt from Private Security (reviewed in June), by Bruce George and Mark Button, examines how the private sector works in tandem with the British government to handle tasks arising from illegal immigration cases. For instance, immigration detention centers are often run by private contractors, and private security firms are often hired to escort expelled immigrants back to their home country.

Then in an excerpted chapter from The New Executive Protection Bible (also reviewed in June), author Martha J. Braunig discusses two ways of categorizing stalkers. One method posits three types: intimate partner stalkers, delusional stalkers, and vengeful stalkers. The other typology includes simple obsessional stalkers, love obsessional stalkers (such as John Hinckley), erotomaniacal stalkes, and those suffering from false victimization syndrome. Braunig then discusses common stalker traits, such as persistence, intelligence, and inability to suffer normal levels of embarrassment or humiliation.

Columbine. Like Oklahoma City, Columbine High School will forever be linked to tragedy in the public mind. As would befit the worst school massacre in U.S. history, the Columbine Review Commission, created by Colorado governor Bill Owens, has released an exhaustive report that analyzes the school, the perpetrators, the incident, and the emergency and law enforcement response to the incident. The report also discusses the lessons learned from the tragedy, ranging from the importance of multiagency planning and training to the need for school administrators to share information with law enforcement officials.

The paper includes the commission's recommendations for crisis response, communications, advance planning, media interaction, school resource officers, detection of potential perpetrators, and several other topics.

For example, the commission suggests the formation of threat assessment teams at every state high school, which would examine "'hit lists' . …

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