Magazine article Marketing

Pen Portrait

Magazine article Marketing

Pen Portrait

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Andria Vidler became managing director of Capital Radio in January 2001. She previously worked for the BBC for six years and prior to that she worked as business director at Still Prince Lintas.

This is one cool lady. She weighs things up in order to calculate her next best manoeuvre as a matter of course. Able to fit perfectly into virtually any situation, she really is like a chameleon.

She has carefully nurtured a particular image and has a tremendous sense of display. Her personal tastes will impinge strongly on her surroundings -- in fact, she will put her own personal stamp on almost everything.

Remarkably philosophical, she is able to 'roll' most situations. Doubt that stress is a problem for her, as she knows her self very well, and she knows what to do to unwind.

This is some one who knows how to play and to take enjoyment from whatever she does.

There is a delight fully childlike quality about her. …

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