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IAC Makes Infotrac Databases Available for Networking

Magazine article Information Today

IAC Makes Infotrac Databases Available for Networking

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IAC Makes Infotrac Databases Available For Networking

Information Access Company (IAC) is making its INFOTRAC databases available for networking.

IAC's pricing for INFOTRAC databases used on a network will relate to the number of terminals that are supported. Pricing for network use begins with two to five terminals and increases with each multiple of five added thereafter.

"We are attempting to remain as flexible as technology will allow to enable libraries to configure reference networks that meet the needs of their patrons," states Morris Goldstein, IAC president. "At the same time, we are working to resolve the forseeable problems as libraries create larger networks."

"Though users on a network, theoretically, can number into the hundreds; degradation in response time begins to be noticeable when only a half-dozen searchers are accessing the same database simultaneously. To avoid unacceptably slow response, IAC can provide additional INFOTRAC discs at individual terminals. The multiple-disc availability will be transparent to the user. As networks become more prevalent and larger, we can anticipate new technical challenges," Goldstein states. "IAC is prepared to address networking issues as they arise."

INFOTRAC has been successfully installed on a SilverPlatter MultiPlatter network using Ethernet hardware. Novell software and a Meridian file server. For libraries wishing to install INFOTRAC databases on other networks, IAC will provide Hardware and Software specifications.

INFOTRAC Reference Center

Earlier this year, IAC began delivering Reference Center systems to libraries. The Reference Center gives the user the ability to combine databases from many different producers on a single workstation with one simplified menu.

For libraries that connect a Reference Center workstation to a network, the workstation automatically recognizes any Reference Center databases on the network, whether the drives are housed at the file server or individual workstations. …

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