Scholarly Digital Editions Announces XML Publication System

Article excerpt

Scholarly Digital Editions, a Leicester, U.K.-based company specializing in complex high-end XML-based publication and development, has announced the first commercial release of Anastasia, a new XML publication system for CD-ROM and the Internet. Anastasia (Analytical System Tools and SGML/XML Integration Applications) has been designed for handling large and highly complex XML documents and document sets, in which extremely precise control is required for their presentation. It can create output in any format, and is optimized for HTML output directly to Web browsers.

In addition, Anastasia works on a document model that sees text not only as hierarchically organized, but also as a stream. It's therefore able to achieve arbitrary document chunking, starting from any point of any document and carrying on to any other point with full understanding of all XML encountered. This permits the creation of effects such as "keyword in context" search hit displays or search hit highlighting in full text.

Anastasia lets users publish documents in identical form on both CD-ROM (Macintosh and Windows) and on the Internet from identical scripts. It includes support for all valid XML and SGML documents, and has a fully XML-aware search engine. …


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