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Magazine article Newsweek


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"Why don't we just tell them our names?" Laura Beth Kulbacki, 4, on how to deal with terrorists who hate a country full of people they don't know. President Bush quoted her on Thursday.

"I stopped berating the tax cut and started praying that the president would rise to lead us." Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, writing in Talk magazine about her reaction to the attacks

"I guess it'll be whether or not I can get that $8 million advance." First Lady Laura Bush, on what it would take for her to write a book, as did predecessor Hillary Clinton, who got a hefty sum for her own memoir

"The Taliban can do many things, but they can't take away Hollywood's creativity. Only the network executives can do that." Ellen DeGeneres, on war, innovation and the TV business

"I can't stand that I am counting the days." New York City Fire Commissioner Thomas Van Essen, who has been both praised and vilified in the wake of the attacks, on his decision not to seek reappointment

"We are moving through, one neighborhood at a time." Northern Alliance spokesman Ashraf Nadeem, on the capture of Mazar-e Sharif

"I wish to declare that if America used chemical or nuclear weapons against us, we may retort with chemical and nuclear weapons." Osama bin Laden, in an interview with pro-Taliban newspaper Ausaf

"I'm inclined to suspect they don't have nuclear weapons yet, or they would have used them already." Massachusetts Rep. …

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