Smithers Foundation Lists Alcoholism Grants

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Smithers Foundation Lists Alcoholism Grants

The Christopher D. Smithers Foundation's projects, contributions and grants in the field of alcoholism totaled $255,079 in 1988, according to the foundation's annual report. Contributions for religious, educational, medical and social purposes amounted to $60,150.

In addition to the foundation grants, R. Brinkley Smithers, Chairman, made 64 personal grants to charities. These include the National Council on Alcoholism, Fellowship Center and the Family Service Association of Nassau County.

The 1988 foundation grants were given to: Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center, $5,000, to install air conditioning in a dormitory of this Bexar County, TX treatment center; Alcoholism Council of Greater New York, $1,000, to support the agency's annual Amethyst Ball; American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, $3,312, to support work of Dr. Richard Israelowitz whose research is expected to contribute to a better understanding of young people's alcoholism and related problems in Israel; Association of the Bar of the City of New York, $10,000, to produce a pamphlet on how to identify the symptoms of alcoholism and drug abuse; Bensonhurst Guidance, Inc., $10,000, to support counseling and education programs for youth residing in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, NY; Caribbean Institute on Alcoholism and Other Drug Problems, $5,000, to support this 10-day training program for people working in the field of alcoholism; Center for Science in the Public Interest, $25,000, to support CSPI's Alcohol Policies Project which makes wide distribution of information about all aspects of alcohol use to the public; Family Service Association of Nassau County, Inc., $25,000, to support the agency's alcoholism program which includes Alcohol Day Treatment and Drug Treatment and Prevention projects; The Fellowship Center, Inc. …


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