New Database on Multiple Sclerosis Research Available on the Biosis Connection

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New Database on Multiple Sclerosis Research Available on The Biosis Connection

A new database, Multiple Sclerosis Research Projects (MSRP), will be available for public access exclusively through the BIOSIS Connection online service in the Fall of 1989. This new database will track research studies in progress being conducted worldwide on Multiple Sclerosis. Included in MSRP will be information on basic research, clinical studies, rehabilitation, social studies and other fields, the results of which could affect the direction of future research and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and its effects.

Input for the MSRP database was provided by the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies (IFMSS). The organization, which was incorporated in 1966, is not-for-profit, and is comprised of 28 national MS society members. The International Medical Advisory Board of the IFMSS is made up of more than 200 leading neurologists and scientists from nearly 40 countries. The mission of the IFMSS is to stimulate worldwide Multiple Sclerosis research, to serve as a clearinghouse for the scientific and education community, to further the work of national MS societies and to assist in the development of new societies, as well as to influence the development of the role of the handicapped. …