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Direct Watch. (Direct)

Magazine article Marketing

Direct Watch. (Direct)

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September's spend displays a number of shifts on previous months, which have been dominated by motor manufacturers. Overall spend is up on July by [pounds sterling]6.08m due to a significant rise by the COI and both Procter & Gamble and Lever Faberge following the latter's merger.

The bulk of September's spend is on TV advertising, which is up [pounds sterling]15.64m, in part due to increased viewing figures following the terrorist attacks in the US, as well as seasonal factors. Press and radio spend remain stable, while cinema and outdoor show a combined drop of [pounds sterling]5.29m this month as budgets were pushed into other areas.

Direct mail spend is down significantly on July due to an unrepeated push by DFS which accounted for a significant amount of July's total mail spend. MBNA's spend remains consistent in this area with a total spend of [pounds sterling]4.43m, of which [pounds sterling]4.19m is on direct mail.

Renault and Ford both decreased overall spend this month, although Honda enters the top 20 with [pounds sterling]4.09m spent.

FMCG dominates the top 20, including the entry of Nestle Rowntree, with [pounds sterling]5.59m spent across all media excluding direct mail, and Sainsbury's, which utilised all media except cinema. Mars Confectionery returns with [pounds sterling]4.95m spend.

The increasing iTV market and commencement of the new football season result in the entry of B$kyB and ITV Digital in the spend table. Both predominantly utilise TV and press.

A Monthly analysis of the direct Marketing field

Top 20 advertisers September 2001 ([pounds sterling]m)

Company                Press  Cinema  Radio  Outdoor  Television    DM

COI                     2.15    0.46   1.90     0.58       12.44  0.00

Procter & Gamble        1.87    0.01   0.49     0.50        9.91  0.95

Lever Faberge           1.87    0.00   0.15     00.0        6.96  0.00

BT                      1.64    0.00   0.61     0.15        4.49  0.32

Nestle Rowntree         0.04    0.41   0.01     1.10        4.03  0.00

FordMotor Company       2.41    0.06   0.50     0.07        1.20  0.26

Pedigree Masterfoods    1.00    0. … 
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