Magazine article Information Management

Moving Forward. (from the Editors)

Magazine article Information Management

Moving Forward. (from the Editors)

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From e-commerce regulations to emerging Web technologies, the articles within this Journal paint a picture of the issues facing records and information management (RIM) professionals. Key among them are protecting consumer and financial information in e-commerce transactions, managing virtual records, and authenticating digital signatures. Great opportunities lie ahead for information professionals who are willing to better understand these trends and their implications to the profession.

Keeping these future opportunities in mind, the Journal's editorial team is pleased to announce exciting plans that will take place next year. Effective January 2002, the Journal will be published six times a year. The content of each issue will have the following characteristics:

* balanced mix of feature articles, sub-features, and trend analysis/news

* article subjects that are more applicable than theoretical (i.e., illustrating the specific uses of a trend, regulation, product, or technology and its implication to the profession)

* shorter article lengths: 3,000 - 3,500 words for features, 2,000 - 2,500 words for sub-features

* visually stimulating graphics that complement the editorial content

We will also use the Web to supplement Journal articles when applicable. For example, an article based on a research project would apply the research's relevance to the strategic information management professional in a business setting; it would focus on the findings' relevance to the reader rather than report on the research project and its complete methodology. The full research paper, however, could be made available online.

Upcoming issues will cover a variety of topics, including the future of the profession, technology trends, privacy concerns, and information economics. Each issue will contain articles targeting RIM professionals at every level of the career ladder. Keeping a global audience in mind, there also will be a mix of business and technology trends, information management issues, and general management concerns.

This approach to the editorial content of the Journal will ensure that information professionals get the insight and resources they need to succeed in the business world. The editorial team is confident that it will result in a more readable periodical that will continue to heighten the profession's image and help its readers excel as professionals.

The Journal's editorial team will solicit articles for each issue. However, we also welcome submissions from the field. …

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