Magazine article The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

Heche Crimes. (Reader Forum)

Magazine article The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

Heche Crimes. (Reader Forum)

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Thank you for printing the interview with Anne Heche ["The Agony and the Ecstasy of Anne Heche," November 6]. It confirms what I suspected: that Ellen is well rid of this crazy woman. Anne is acting her way through life, doing whatever she perceives as cool, bohemian, and self-indulgent. First she is straight, then she is a gay activist, then she is straight or bisexual. She is a childish opportunist capable of dumping one relationship for another on a whim. I am sorry her father abused her. That is an outrageous tragedy, but without serious therapy she will only cause misery for whoever is in her life. Now that I have read this interview, I have no further need to read anything else about her.

George Price, Tucson, Ariz.

Let me get this straight: First Anne believed God talked to her on a regular basis, and now apparently she thinks she is God. As a lesbian, I have been involved in two relationships with self-identified bisexual women, neither of whom went to such ridiculous extremes trying to prove herself to the gay community or acted so defensively when questioned about her sexuality. Both were comfortable and confident, traits I see Saint Anne trying in vain to emulate. The transparent attempts to come across as wise and selfless only increase my distaste for this woman. I hope her preachy sentiments aren't portrayed by other media sources to be representative of the GLBT community (especially bisexuals) as a whole. Anne, you've given enough "forthright honesty, love, compassion, and support." Now please stop, for our sake.

Angela Dirk, Grandview, Wash.

I read Anne Stockwell's interview with Anne Heche with dismay. I question whether Anne should have put her past relationship with Ellen back out for public comment in the way that she has with her book. Ellen deserves her privacy. But I don't think that justifies Stockwell's cynical line of questioning in the interview. I just wanted to say that the Anne I know was always honest in her relationship with the gay and lesbian community. Our politics always confused her a little because we do insist on the labels we wear and she doesn't, but she was on the front lines with us many, many times nonetheless. This newfound public ridicule of her is beneath The Advocate and the community.

Hilary Rosen, via the Internet President, Recording Industry Association of America

To Heche's credit, she has been forthcoming about her feelings. She has chosen not to be coy about her lesbianism but to be up-front and vocal about it. …

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