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Magazine article Talent Development

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Different Like You

In the opening segment, a trainer infatuated with the subject matter gushes to a stony-faced audience. One participant says to the camera that he expects nothing from the training because "this diversity thing is a crock." Street interviews follow with real people who give their views about workplace diversity.

The ensuing dramatic vignettes reveal the main purpose of this video: insidious attitudes about diversity. The scenes depict how such attitudes affect work life.

M.E.E.T. on Common Ground

This video made me uncomfortable, and I think it was supposed to. It puts the responsibility of respect in the workplace on viewers' shoulders and lays a foundation for how to do it. But even though it's an uncomfortable topic, the message is delivered in a comfortable manner. No authorities lecture us. Instead, a young Asian woman narrates while riding a bus to work.

Six scenarios show someone being disrespected. The first is of a man in his cubicle making an anti-Semitic remark while talking on the phone. A Jewish man in a nearby cubicle overhears the remark, and a tense confrontation ensues. The video then displays the words What do you think? so the facilitator can pause the tape for discussion. The scenario repeats, showing how the confrontation could've been handled better.

The large support package includes a leader guide, participant workbook, and self-study workbook.


Different Like You marries valuable content, creative production, and viewer interest. …

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