Politicians Slowly Turning Up Heat on Our Civil Liberties. (Correspondence)

Article excerpt

Thanks to Kelly Patricia O'Meara for an outstanding article on the USA PATRIOT Act ["Police State," Dec. 3], which is a horrendous piece of legislation. I was so incensed by what I read that I passed it on to all my friends and family and asked them to pass it on to their friends as well.

Have you ever heard the story of the frog that was boiled alive? A frog was put into a container with water, and the water temperature slowly was raised. Eventually, the frog was boiled alive without even trying to escape because the water temperature was raised only a little at a time.

That's where we are as Americans: heading for great civil unrest and a police state. With the way things are going, the American public will realize this only when it is too late.

Michael E. Lewis

I have no doubt that the passing of this bill was rammed through to prevent serious debate or discussion. Examination of such items surely would have revealed the flawed reasoning behind it. Passage of bills such as this one only serve to keep the public in a panic. It shows we are so frightened that we are willing to trade off what got us here and disallow any opinion in opposition as "unpatriotic."

Sandra Spengler
Pittsford, N. Y.

Your comments smack of civil-liberties union jargon about something that is necessary at this point and time. We don't have time for all the niceties of feet-dragging political clowns making headlines over their "deep concern" for their constituents' rights. …


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