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Yellow Roses That Resist Black Spot

Magazine article Sunset

Yellow Roses That Resist Black Spot

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In the late 1800s, a French horticulturist named Joseph Pernet-Ducher developed the first yellow in the hybrid perpetual class. The rose world swooned with delight, and other growers introduced Pernet-Ducher's hybrid into their own breeding lines. A trickle of yellows followed, then a river that soon swelled to a flood. Unfortunately, almost all these new hybrids inherited a trait besides yellow color: susceptibility to black spot, a pernicious leaf disease that defoliates and sometimes kills the plant.

Over time, the hereditary link between yellow roses and black spot weakened, and disease-resistant yellows started to appear. Here, we describe 10 yellow roses that have shown strong resistance to black spot in recent field tests around the West.

Bear in mind that even resistant roses need proper care to avoid disease. Mike Cady, a horticulturist with Jackson & Perkins, advises, "Plant roses in well-drained soil, in full sun where there is good air circulation, and fertilize regularly."


Most of the roses listed are available from nurseries and garden centers.

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'Baby Love'. This 3-foot shrub rose (breeders call it a shrublet) bears masses of single, buttercup yellow flowers with a hint of licorice scent. Considered more resistant to black spot than any other yellow rose on the market. Does well in all climates.

'Carefree Sunshine'. This 3- to 4-foot shrub carries lots of soft yellow flowers with little fragrance over light green foliage. …

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