First Ever Crimean Wolf and Bird Survey. (Exploration & Discovery)

Article excerpt

A research team from Biosphere Expeditions has just returned from the Black Sea where it conducted the first ever wolf and bird surveys on the Kinburn peninsula. The peninsula is part of the Crimean and larger Black Sea ecosystem, and serves as a major staging point for migratory birds and a refuge for steppe wolves. The peninsula is used by many bird species as a `stepping-stone' for crossing the Black Sea on their migration routes. Indeed, the concentration of migratory birds in autumn is so high that the area in vernacular Ukrainian is known as a `bird railway station'. The funds and qualified people to research the region had always been lacking, until Biosphere Expeditions became involved.

Biosphere Expeditions is an organisation that runs worldwide wildlife conservation research expeditions, placing ordinary people with no research experience alongside scientists who are at the forefront of conservation work.

The team on the Kinburn expedition tracked wolves and ringed 1,000 birds in the six-week study, designed to ascertain how many wolves actually live on the peninsula and what kind of birds stop off there on their migration. …


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