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Magazine article AI Magazine

Edited Collections

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Understanding Music with AI

Perspectives on Music Cognition

Edited by Mira Balaban, Kemal Ebcioglu, and Otto Laske

This "book addresses itself to four different communities: the professional musician, the professional music technologist and designer of music systems, the professional AI researcher, and the professional cognitive scientist and cognitive psychologist.... It goes without saying that the book also addresses itself to teachers of music. The book could serve as a textbook for a course introducing questions of musical problem solving and performance, as well as the nature of musical knowledge and of theories of music.... The book should [also] be of benefit to readers generally interested in the relationship of music and technology."

ISBN 0-262-52170-9   550 pp., illus., references, index
$52.95 softcover     Copublished by The MIT Press

Readings from the AI Magazine, Volumes 1-5

Edited by Robert Engelmore

Readings from the AI Magazine is a compilation of all the articles that appeared in the serial during AI Magazine's first five years of publication. Within this 650 page plus indexed volume, you will find articles on AI written by the foremost practitioners in the field--articles that earned AI Magazine the title "journal of record for the artificial intelligence community."

ISBN 0-262-51032-4   677 pp., illus., references, index
$95.00 softcover     Copublished by The MIT Press

AI Applications in Manufacturing

Edited by A. Fazel Famili, Dana S. Nau, and Steven H. Kim

This book presents a number of notable applications of AI in manufacturing that relate directly or indirectly to the enhancement of planning and decision making capabilities in today's automated production environments. The book is intended as a reference for senior undergraduate and graduate students interested in the applications of AI in production and should also be of interest to practitioners in industry, researchers in universities, or developers in research institutes.

ISBN 0-262-56066-6   469 pp., illus., references, index
$49.95 softcover     Copublished by The MIT Press

Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Edited by Usama M. Fayyad, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Padhraic Smyth, and Ramasamy Uthurusamy

Advances in data collection, widespread use of bar codes, and the computerization of many transactions have flooded us with information and generated an urgent need for techniques and tools that can intelligently and automatically assist us in transforming this data into useful knowledge. This book examines and describes many such new techniques and tools in the field of data mining and knowledge discovery in databases. The chapters in this book span fundamental issues of knowledge discovery, classification and clustering, trend and deviation analysis, dependency derivation, integrated discovery systems, augmented database systems, and application case studies.

ISBN 0-262-56097-6   625 pp., illus., references, index
$57.95 softcover     Copublished by The MIT Press

Expertise in Context

Human and Machine

Edited by Paul J. Feltovich, Kenneth M. Ford, and Robert R. Hoffman

The twenty-three essays in this volume discuss the essential nature of expert knowledge, as well as such questions such as how "expertise" differs from mere "knowledge, "the relation between the individual and group processes involved in knowledge in general and expertise in particular, the social and other contexts of expertise, how expertise can be assessed, and the relation between human and computer expertise.

ISBN 0-262-56110-7   608 pp., illus., references, index
$52.95 softcover     Copublished by The MIT Press

Computers and Thought

Edited by Edward A. Feigenbaum and Julian Feldman

Computers and Thought showcases the work of the scientists who not only defined the field of AI, but who are responsible for having developed it into what it is today. …

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