Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Energize Your Team in Times of Crisis. (New You)

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Energize Your Team in Times of Crisis. (New You)

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Employees across the country; from New York to Los Angeles, are still in a state of disbelief after last year's September 11th terrorist attacks and the resulting economic recession. The signs are obvious: wide, hollow stares, the inability to concentrate, a constant state of pessimism, and perhaps even outward signs of nervousness and irritability. People are operating in shock mode and are fearful of how these events will impact them.

It's during these times when employees most need not only encouragement and motivation, but also understanding and compassion. When you enable your team to regain their enthusiasm for work and their ability to focus on the tasks at hand, your company will be better able to withstand the resulting economic fluctuations that come with any national disaster. Help your employees today and reap the benefits for years to come by considering the following:

* Help Your Team Discover Growth Opportunities

When a challenge comes, whether in a professional or personal setting, people naturally want to focus on the negative event. They play it over in their mind and are unable to let go of the hurt, pain, or sorrow the event caused. This is when you need to help employees refocus their thinking so they can get back on track.

Whenever we are experiencing a challenge, we must take it and look at it a different way. Think of the challenges the recent events have caused your company. Are profits down? Is the threat of layoffs imminent? Has customer demand plummeted? Now, look at those scenarios from a different perspective. Play the "what if" game. What if you reorganized, introduced a new product, allocated funds differently, changed your marketing, or did any number of things differently? The more you rally the troops behind you to see the challenges in a new light, the more opportunities for growth your team will uncover.

* Help Them Minimize Professional and Personal Stress

Many people waste precious time worrying about the future. During a time of crisis, that worry time multiplies. People are so busy worrying about their jobs, the economy, their security, their family, and a host of other concerns that they're unable to produce any meaningful kind of work. When this happens on a company-wide basis, profits naturally fall.

The first step is to allow employees to take time for themselves. …

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