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Magazine article Talent Development

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Whether it's a new employee or one nearing retirement, dealing with under-performing workers can drive a manager to her wit's end. Here's what our Performance and Improvement Community had to say on the subject.

Managers often presume that having the ability to be successful leads to being successful. Unfortunately, there's more to job success than ability.

Reassign [uninspired employees] to jobs in which they will be motivated. We call it job matching.

Have you read First Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently?

When well-qualified employees are less than successful, we're well advised to presume that they don't have a talent for the job. That's the good news. According to the authors of First Break All the Rules, the bad news is talents can't be taught.

Bob Gately

Education opens the door, but you must enter by yourself. You can't instill a desire within another person to do more or to strive to do better. What you can do is provide the opportunities if they're willing.

Why don't you just have a chit-chat with each one and see what they really want to do in their lives.

Inez L. Maxey

Senior Employees

Keep them involved and interested in their work. …

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