Magazine article Guitar Player

Tracking "Holy Smokes". (Studio Log)

Magazine article Guitar Player

Tracking "Holy Smokes". (Studio Log)

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Album: Mojo Blues [Pharaoh Records] by Will Ray.

Parts: Solos.

Guitarists: Will Ray (single-note lines) and Ted Greene (chordal solo).

Guitars: "I played a Jay Turser JT-136--which is a really inexpensive copy of a Gibson ES-175," says Ray. "I have a penchant for collecting good, cheap guitars, and I saw the Turser up on eBay. When I played it, I thought, `Whoa! This sounds and plays great.' The guitar's tone really fit `Holy Smokes'--it has a rolled-off high end with very smooth mid and bass frequencies. Ted played a Guild with three P-90-type pickups. I don't know the model."

Amp Processor: Line 6 Pod set to "Brit Blues" and a 4x10 cabinet emulation.

Effects: Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter and Morley volume pedal (Ray).

Strings: GHS Super Steel, .010 set (Ray).

Tuning: Standard.

Recording Medium: Fostex D-160 hard-disk recorder, Fostex G-16 analog 16-track. …

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