Salute to ACTE's 2001 Mentors. (Inside ACTE: News from the Association for Career and Technical Education)

Article excerpt

Our 2001 Annual Convention in New Orleans was made even more rewarding for 36 New Professionals attending their first ACTE convention. The first-timers were paired with individual mentors who volunteered to shepherd them through their first experience and help them get the most out of what we offer. The mentors included past and current members of the ACTE Board of Directors, Region and Division Policy Committee members, and ACTE committee members. These ACTE veterans are committed to our associations and to the students and educators who make up the career and technical universe. We extend our sincere thanks to all of them.

At a time when recruiting and retaining new teachers and new members is a top priority for ACTE, mentoring can be a very useful tool for our state associations, divisions and regions. This is a way to help newcomers feel comfortable and to begin developing into the leaders we will need for the future. We should do all that we can to expand mentoring throughout our organization.

--Kathy Jo Elliott, President-Elect


Vern Chandler
Tracy Dearinger
Niel Edmunds
Gary Meers
John Bobell
Sandy Reutzel
Harvey Link
Lynne Velle
Rex Hayhurst
Russell Blackman
Tom Ardoin
Thomas Applegate
Helen Lackey
David Adkins
Jane Bale
Emmett Eary
Patrick Flaherty
Jodie Eiland
Doug Major
Terry Robinson
Greg Pierce
Jesse Hudson
Celena Roebuck
Mark Williams
Roger Foelske
Brenda Hurst
Francie Russell
Suanne Knopf
Charles J. … 


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