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Dressed to Kill

The Pentagon reverses a policy that forced women on duty in Saudi Arabia to don native dress. Still in place: restrictions on leaving the base without a male escort, driving a vehicle, or even riding in the front seat.

Buzz Cut

The city of Charlotte refuses to spend tax money to keep the NBA'S Hornets from moving to New Orleans. The Big Easy promised the team's owners several million dollars a year in subsidies to guarantee a profit. "Stop-gapping the Hornets' financial not a taxpayers' expense," a Charlotte official explains.

Enron Effect

Markets punish any whiff of corporate accounting wackiness. Firms with questionable numbers see their stock prices fall by double-digit percentages.

Plugged In

Virtual charter schools spring up in 12 states, melding home schooling with technology to bring outside lesson plans and experts into homes. A KPMG Consulting audit finds the schools help students "in need of a non-traditional setting due to medical conditions or other mental or physical health related circumstances."

Differently Abled

The amorphous Americans with Disabilities Act gets a little structure From a Supreme Court decision. Simple inability to do a specific job doesn't automatically trigger ADA protection, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor writes. A protected disability is one that "severely restricts the individual from doing activities that are of central importance to most people's daily lives."

Time Cop

AOL Time Warner files its own antitrust suit against Microsoft, alleging that the company set out to ruin rival browser Netscape in 1995. …

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