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Why Social Problems Are Not Getting Solved! (Advertisement)

Magazine article Insight on the News

Why Social Problems Are Not Getting Solved! (Advertisement)

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The chaotic state of national and international affairs demands that we face the reality that people's solutions are failing to solve public and private problems, build nations, and negotiate peaceful settlements among warring factions.

That failure results because there is a natural law of behavior that explains why people's solutions do not succeed and tells what action does succeed. This law gives the formula that when applied ends public and private problems, builds nations, and establishes peace within and among individuals and their countries.

Despite numerous advertisements describing nature's behavioral law placed in national publications over the years, word of the law has yet to receive the attention of persons in leadership positions. It's time to admit that society urgently needs the decision-making guidance of an inviolable, natural law of behavior.

The law states: only right action gets right results; wrong action always gets wrong results. It defines right action as thinking, saying, and doing what is logical, appropriate, and moral. It is the intent of this treatise to explain why it is that people's solutions have not been solving social problems. Basically people unknowingly try to enforce their well-intentioned solutions in contradiction to the authority and control of nature's law of behavior. The fact is that any attempt to violate a natural law always invokes a failed result.

Early in the past century, the late Richard W. Wetherill identified nature's behavioral law and taught it to all that would listen. Over several decades a group of his associates have been verifying the benefits of conforming to the law by engaging in productive activities. As they interact at home and on the job, they enjoy meaningful relationships. They know that every kind of conflict is to be avoided. That enables them to share a common bond of trust with like-minded members of the group. They own a distribution business, selling to the auto-electric aftermarket with sales over $1 25 million for each of the past six years.

In addition, they are financing advertising such as this in national publications, describing nature's law of behavior. …

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