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Magazine article Talent Development

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A manager member of our Web community wants to know what coaching or training is available for an employee who's "mean, snippy, and just plain evil" to both peers and customers. Any suggestions?

You don't need any special training on how to deal with a difficult person. All you have to do is become a good listener.

Help the employee remove the most distressful feelings of pain, guilt, and self-hatred by listening well, validating her painful feelings, and affirming her as a person of worth.

You'll see the change of behavior and performance immediately if the employee is grateful and committed to do her best.

With regards to the manager, my advice is to work with what you can and let go of what you can't.


Regardless of prior inaction [by the manager], this person's behavior is having a negative impact at work and has to be addressed face-to-face in a setting designed to inform and generate a positive change. …

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