Magazine article The New American

Signs of the Times. (at a Glance)

Magazine article The New American

Signs of the Times. (at a Glance)

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Professional politicians and pundits typically sing the praises of the UN, but grassroots Americans are playing a different tune. Every day many thousands of motorists view this billboard, located south of Phoenix on Interstate 10.

In communities across our land, a movement has been stirring. Amidst the many ads for motels and fast food, signs bearing an old message with a new twist are beginning to appear. Though the designs and wording are somewhat varied, they all broadcast a common message: Get US out! of the United Nations.

Judging from the locations of the signs, the citizen-patriots responsible for them appear to have little in common -- except for their love of freedom.

Their signs are found in (or near) two cities famous for the production of steel: Birmingham, Alabama, in the South (above left) and Pittsburgh in the North (above). Eastward across Pennsylvania, a large billboard welcomes visitors to the medium-sized city of Reading (left).

Though coast-to-coast motorists may not have found the Get US out! signs to be as pervasive as the famed Burma Shave signs of the '30s and '40s, that could change -- perhaps sooner than you think!

"The United Nations Wants to Take YOUR Gun! billboard (above) was posted on 1-15 in Orem, Utah, shortly before the winter Olympics. Undoubtedly, many dignitaries attending the games were exposed to that message -- a message finding acceptance not only in Utah but throughout our great land. (The gun with the twisted barrel is not an artist's conception, by the way. …

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