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Bush Terms Teacher Testing Substandard

"President Bush yesterday derided testing standards for new teachers, which he said are `so low that all you have to do is answer half the questions and you're in.'" --The Washington Times, March, 7, 2002

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Costly Proposals

"Teachers who sweat through grant applications are: (a) enriching their schools and showcasing innovations or (b) playing into the hands of would-be privatization advocates and distancing themselves from colleagues who don't win funds?" --Teacher Magazine, March 2002

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Lawyers Capitalize On D.C. School Gaps

"Attorney Travis A. Murrell has found three ways to capitalize on the frequent inability of District public schools to meet special education students' needs.

"First, Murrell represents parents who say their children are not receiving adequate services.

"Then, if the children need diagnostic testing, he sends them to an assessment company where he serves as president.

"Finally, Murrell refers many of the children to a pair of private schools that have had corporate ties to him and his law firm." --The Washington Post, February 18, 2002

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Educators Doubt Value of Testing for Disabled

State Says Standard Measure Will Gauge Quality of Programs

"Some can't speak. Many have trouble with basic grooming. But next week, Michigan will put them to the test." --The Detroit News, February 14, 2002

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New Special-Ed Rules Please Earlier Opponents

State to Keep Limits on Class Sizes and Separate Students

"State education officials and special education advocates have agreed on rules governing special education in Michigan, ending a year-long controversy that involved a lawsuit and thousands of concerned parents." --Detroit-Free Press, February 15, 2002

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