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Division Report: Special Needs

Magazine article Techniques

Division Report: Special Needs

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Who are we? What is the Special Needs Division?

Special needs educators are those professionals working with students who have barriers to the achievement of a quality education. If you work with single parents, displaced homemakers, high school dropouts, youth or adults who are currently or have been incarcerated, students enrolled in nontraditional programs, students who have limited English proficiency, students who are academically or economically disadvantaged, and students who have disabilities--you are a special needs educator.

The Special Needs Division is dedicated to helping these professionals with opportunities to impact legislation and public policy concerning special populations, quality professional development opportunities, three newsletters each year, the opportunity to participate in leadership roles and extensive Web site information on, the Special Needs Division section.

Special Needs Division Awards

The Special Needs Division is proud to announce that there are now three awards that are presented each year at the ACTE annual convention.

The Vocational Research Institute (VRI) is sponsoring an Outstanding Special Needs Educator Award--a special thank you to Eric David, president of VRI and Beverly Franklin, president of Franklin Duncan, Inc., for initiating and sponsoring this award. The first winner was announced at the awards luncheon in December at the ACTE convention in New Orleans and received $500 from VRI.

Al Babich--The VRI Outstanding Special Needs Educator of the Year 2001

As a true advocate of special needs education, Al has served the special needs education community in many ways. He has been published in numerous national and state journals and publications and is the co-author of the CITE Learning Styles, the most referenced instrument in vocational evaluation. Babich has contributed more than 50 presentations at state and national professional conferences, covering topics such as learning styles, emotional intelligence and integrated academics.

His creativity and leadership at Northland Career Center have led to increased retention and placement rates and decreased dropout rates.

VALPAR Outstanding Program


VALPAR International Corporation and Neal Gunderson, president of VALPAR, sponsor the Special Needs Division Outstanding Secondary and Postsecondary Program Awards. This year, the two program award winners received $500 from VALPAR at the awards luncheon.

VALPAR Outstanding Special Needs Program Secondary Award for 2001

The building trades program at the Mingus Union High School in Cottonwood, Ariz., serves a diverse student population that includes disabled, limited English proficient, nontraditional and disadvantaged students. Seventy-eight percent of the student body are special population students. Stressing community service, the program gives students a sense of ownership and pride in the community.

VALPAR Outstanding Special Needs Program Postsecondary Award for 2001

The Academic Services Center at the North Dakota State College of Science serves more than 2,000 students with developmental and preparatory support in both general education and vocational/technical courses. …

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