Magazine article USA TODAY

Rewards of an Active Lifestyle. (Fitness)

Magazine article USA TODAY

Rewards of an Active Lifestyle. (Fitness)

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Ever wonder why you feel cranky, stressed, and sleepy? times, the cause is physical inactivity. Don't worry if you are marathon runner or aerobics isn't your thing. The slightest movements--even simple stretching--and applying variety, balance, and moderation to your food choices and physical activity habits help increase your stamina for your overall long-term good health.

"Regular physical activity is a powerful tool for weight management," indicates registered dietitian, nutrition education counselor, and American Dietetic Association spokesperson Roxanne Moore. "A physically active lifestyle offers many rewards--from heart health to strong bones to stress relief--plus many other benefits."

The American Dietetic Association offers a number of ways to improve and maintain your lifestyle for a lifetime:

* Get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and take a brisk walk to start your day. Bring a neighbor or friend to make it more pleasant.

* Forget the drive-through car wash. Wash your car yourself. You will save money at the same time.

* Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Walking up stairs is a great heart exerciser and calorie burner.

* Park at the far end of a parking lot for a longer walk. Get off the bus a stop ahead then walk the rest of the way to your destination.

* If you are a computer user move your body at least five minutes for every hour of computer time.

* Walk around your building--outside or inside--during your coffee break. You'll burn energy rather than being tempted to nibble or snack,

* Before and after dinner walk--and talk--with your family. …

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