Nonfiction. (Summer's Hottest Picks).(Brief Article)(Bibliography)

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* The author of Jaws proves it's still not safe to go back into the water. In Shark Trouble, Peter Benchley collects true stories about the sea, tells tales about sharks and offers advice on how to be safe in the world's oceans.

Penthouse columnist Xaviera Hollander chronicled her life as a high-class madam in the candid 1972 bestseller The Happy Hooker. In Child No More, Hollander opens up about her early years, her parents and her eventual entree into the world of prostitution.

Francis Fukuyama, the social philosopher who wrote about The End of History in 1992, addresses the effects of genetic engineering in Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution. (See the article on page 11.)

Thomas Heffernan, the former president of the Herman Melville Society, tells a true story of sea and survival in Mutiny on the Globe: The Fatal Voyage of Samuel Comstock. In 1824 half the crew of a whaling ship fought for their freedom after a delusional sailor tried to create his own island society. …


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