Magazine article Marketing

OPINION: Strong Personalities Can Make an Agency Shine for the Clients

Magazine article Marketing

OPINION: Strong Personalities Can Make an Agency Shine for the Clients

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I was going to treat you to a worthy diatribe on integrated communications - that elusive holy grail of modern marketing - but I've decided that it must wait.

This is partly because, having just received the news that we haven't converted a five-way integrated communications pitch, my appetite for the subject is, to be honest, not quite as keen as it was yesterday.

And it's partly, since this is the last time I'll have the privilege of addressing Marketing readers in this column, because I've been reminded yet again of what the most important ingredient in this business really is.

It's people. Quality people who care about what they're doing and who they're doing it for. A few days ago, media agency PHD - a formidable competitor of my own company and a beacon of good practice and intelligence - threw a modest bash for its erstwhile partner Nick Horswell, who left the agency that he co-founded last Christmas.

Nick has been profiled time and again - a litany of praise that can surely do a man of his years no good at all. I won't add to the panegyrics, save to say that his unique brand of integrity, empathy and wisdom is a rare and precious thing that will no doubt come to define his new ventures as much as they did his old one.

What struck me forcibly about the PHD gathering was the diversity of personalities, skill sets, blends of experience, track records and ages of the people there. Apart from the obvious connection with Nick, the unifying feature was their quality.

There are many people of astonishingly high quality involved in our business, and it is they - rather than the structures or systems or sets of tools or philosophies - that give individual companies their distinctiveness and their cultures. …

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