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The Free-Range Compromise. (Letters from Our Readers)

Magazine article E Magazine

The Free-Range Compromise. (Letters from Our Readers)

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I eagerly read your latest issue focusing on vegetarianism. While informative, I was disappointed that your articles dropped the ball on the related discussion of organic meat.

It's clear that meat-based diets are problematic for global hunger, brutalize animals and endanger our health. Although I have tried going vegetarian, I confess that I periodically crave a burger or fajitas, and molded soy just doesn't fit the bill.

My compromise? I consume only organic meats and dairy products. In doing so, I bypass concerns of antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals, find comfort knowing the animals are raised "free-range" without overcrowding, and often support local farmers. By avoiding most non-organic meats, I've removed my financial support of the junk food that pervades the market and contributes to bad health. I'm an animal lover and, no, the hypocrisy of being a meat-eater doesn't escape me. Apart from that personal ethical dilemma, what are the environmental repercussions of organic meat? I would like to see a follow-up article.

Christine Brock 
Moreland Hills, OH 

Thank you for your exposing coverage of the important environmental issue of vegetarianism. I have been a strict vegan for over 12 years for planetary reasons. The environmental havoc caused by animal agribusiness is well documented, although so many environmentalists and their publications often don't wish to address it.

I would like to add that I feel taking the step from vegetarian to vegan is equally as important. …

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