Magazine article Technology and Children

Black Inventors Activity. (Article/Activity)

Magazine article Technology and Children

Black Inventors Activity. (Article/Activity)

Article excerpt

Grades: 3-5

Time: Research Phase -- 2 hours

Model Making -- 1-2 hours

Design Problem:

1. Research black inventors and their inventions in history,

2. Develop innovations on their inventions that better suit the needs of society today.


* Computer with Internet access to Black Inventors website at Inventor's Log, poster, timeline, overhead transparency masters.

* Chandler/White Publishing Company, Inc. (1986). A salute to black inventors. Chicago: author. [A series of booklets on black inventors for elementary school.] (312) 280-9451.

* Modeling supplies such as poster board, paper towel tubes, Popsicle sticks, clay, paper cups, shoe boxes, wooden wheels, aluminum foil, tape, glue, rubber bands, string, poster paint, doll clothes, glue sticks.

* Scissors, stapler, paper hole punch, paint brushes.

* Hand Tools such as portable drill, hot glue gun, saw, utility knife--for teacher use or student use under supervision.


1. As a class activity, select an invention from the website or the booklets and brainstorm ways it could be altered or improved. This is a good time to demonstrate what is expected in a sketch and how to use different modeling materials.

2. Review how to use the Inventor's Log with students. It will help them differentiate between an invention and an innovation as well as record the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of an invention. Students will be required to draw a sketch in their log that shows basic knowledge of geometric shapes and symmetry.

3. Organize student groups. In groups of four, students determine who will be the researcher, secretary, designer, and marketer. The researcher makes sure that everyone in the group works on the research phase. The secretary sees that each person records the research and writes responses to questions in the Inventor's Log. The teacher should visit the website ahead of time and download the Inventor's Log. …

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