Cease Fire! You're Disturbing the Plovers. (Nation in Brief)

Article excerpt

Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton will have to weigh the national-security impact of federal environmental restrictions placed upon military installations under a bill currently making its way through Congress.

Though specifying that the Department of Defense (DoD) still would be required to abide by the Endangered Species Act, the bill is something less than a hit with the greener Democrats and their environmentalist allies. According to a report in the Washington Times, critics of the bill say there already are enough ways to prevent environmental regulations inhibiting the war on terrorism.

But the regulations indeed have gotten in the way. Live-fire training exercises have been deemed a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Marines cannot train at night in the Mojave Desert because they might cause harm to tortoises. Amphibious-landing exercises at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina are restricted out of consideration for nesting turtles, and inland exercises are nearly at a standstill so as not to disturb a rare woodpecker. …


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