OPINION: Marketing Society - Creatives Must Move on Just as Media Has Done

Article excerpt

So what if media people and creatives don't understand each other any more? The tedious debate about the impact of the separation of media from creative only serves to underline the ad industry's unending love affair with itself. Ultimately this is not in the best interests of clients - the people who pay the bills for all of us.

Consider the recent affair of Belford and Roberts, the two agency creative directors who 'doctored' some of their ads in order to win awards, erasing the client logo and telephone response number from the originals. Their action is baffling: 'better' ads, with the branding and contact details removed? Clients must be wondering what planet we're on.

Creativity is a wonderful, mysterious thing and advertising without it is pretty ropey. But advertising perfection isn't always creative perfection.

This is a distinction that all good advertising people understand, whatever agency they're in. As a result, there has always been a tension between creative and client interests in the advertising development process. The issue is whether and how we deal with it.

Let's not insult the intelligence of those in advertising: any failure between media and creatives is not one of understanding but of respect.

Of course media people 'understand' the creative process, which is to say it's the same mysterious process it was when we were in-house.

What's changed is that media people dare to question. Now that they work with every creative agency in town, media independents are just that: independent. This doesn't always make for an easy relationship. …


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