Magazine article International Trade Forum

Voices from the ITC Executive Forum

Magazine article International Trade Forum

Voices from the ITC Executive Forum

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Argument for private sector lead

"According to our experience in Guatemala, trade promotional activities have better results when led by the private sector. The private sector has a better understanding of SME needs and it is easier to provide assistance. The private sector can also respond more quickly, tackling the issues much earlier than the governmental apparatus can."

Giovanni Passarelli, Head, Trade Promotion and Information Department, Guatemala Non-Traditional Product Exporters' Association -- AGEXPRONT

A new connection

"The new connection that we are developing is to link investment and trade and export strategy."

Geoffrey da Silva, Chief Executive Officer, Guyana Office for Investment


Re-inventing the wheel

"Experience shows that frequently, instead of trying to examine in depth the reasons for poor results and subsequently adopting measures to correct the situation, the authorities decide to change the institution, and to 're-invent the wheel'."

Camilo Jaramillo, consultant, Colombia

Problems of performance measurement

"Performance measurement is sometimes very difficult to evaluate. Because no exporter will disclose to us the profits made through our programme, the best way to evaluate performance is to decide, on the basis of a survey, whether or not the direct beneficiaries of a programme are satisfied."

Undrick Ceus, Executive Director, PROMOCOM, Haiti

Strong national focal point essential, but regional TSI

"I strongly believe that a national focal point, or executive council that serves to plan, execute and monitor concerted national policies and strategies for export development is essential."

Cagatay Ozden, Foreign Trade Expert, Export Promotion Centre of Turkey


What people will pay for

"People are willing to pay for developing linkages with new buyers, hut not for training the employees of their firms. A comprehensive medium-term approach of creation of demand (through intensive awareness building) followed by selecting pilot groups of firms willing to avail themselves of these services for a price (even though subsidized) will help new groups to emerge, assuming that the pilot groups obtain benefits and the new groups become aware of them. …

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