Linda Resnik Resigns as WHCLIS Executive Director

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Linda Resnik resigns as WHCLIS executive director

After serving for only six months, Linda Resnik has announced her resignation as executive director of the White House Conference on Library and Information Services (WHCLIS), effective Oct. 31.

In an Aug. 10 memo to members of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) and the WHCLIS Advisory Committee, Resnik said she had timed her resignation to "ensure the smoothest possible transition into the next phase of White House Conference activity. With an excellent WHC staff hard at work and the recent arrival of Peter Young as new executive director of the Commission (AL,July/Aug., p. 627), I am confident that plans that will be well in place by the end of October will be carried into implementation with great professionalism."

"The conference is in terrific shape now, and by the end of October will be even more so," Resnik told AL. "State and territorial activity is moving along at a great pace with great results."

"I came into the White House Conference with a longstanding commitment to information services and felt honored to be involved with such an important event," Resnik said. She declined to give any reasons for her sudden resignation, other than "to pursue other plans."

WHCLIS Advisory Committee Chair Richard G. Akeroyd agreed with Resnik's assessment of the planning process. "We're in really good shape," Akeroyd told AL. …