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The Offal Truth about Haggis

Magazine article Marketing

The Offal Truth about Haggis

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The offal truth about haggis

Tonight is Burns' night. The world over, Scots commemorate their Bard with a lavish meal of haggis, neeps and tatties.

Now the centrepiece of that ritual, the haggis as Burns knew it, is under the severe threat of government regulation. The men from the ministry have by statutory instrument decreed that certain insides cannot and must not go on the outside of the haggis.

The trouble is the cattle disease BSE, or cow madness. The Ministry of Agriculture has banned bovine offal for human consumption. This includes cow intestines, the material used to clothe any haggis worthy of Burns's accolade of Great Chieftain o' the Puddin' Race.

Sofar, the ban applies only to England and Wales. With a proper sense of timing, the Scottish Office has not yet laid the corresponding order north of the Border. It pleads "technical reasons" for the delay and promises the appropriate regulations within a week or two.

So is this the end for the traditional haggis? …

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