Magazine article Ebony

How to Work out without Working out. (Body Talk: Black Health and Fitness)

Magazine article Ebony

How to Work out without Working out. (Body Talk: Black Health and Fitness)

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Working out doesn't necessarily mean spending endless hours in the gym. If you're smart, you can work out without really working out. Here are four surefire (albeit sneaky) ways to burn some extra calories.

Walk the walk.

We've all done it before--and may not have even recognized just how pitiful it looks. We gas up the car and drive it to the corner store, which is literally, on the corner. We circle the parking lot for 10, maybe even 15 minutes, looking for that good parking spot near the mall entrance; heck, some of us have trained our children to be on the lookout as well. We will do practically anything to get out of being labeled a "pedestrian." Big mistake, many fitness experts say.

"Without a doubt, walking is the best way to control your weight," explains Chicago-area obesity and pain management specialist Joseph Martin Thompson, M.D. "Walking is extremely beneficial because it provides cardiovascular exercise, your heart is pumping, and although it may be a short walk, it's still a workout. If you get in a few short walks during the day, you will have a long workout at the end of the day. And walking one mile a day also fights coronary heart disease."

With that in mind, let's revamp our thinking: The good parking spot is the one farthest from the entrance door. And it's also a good idea to cut the lunch hour short by 15 minutes and use that time to take a stroll with a health-conscious co-worker.

Snub the elevator--take the stairs.

That unnecessary elevator trip could be the very thing stopping your rear view from being all that it can be. And those tempting elevators are everywhere--at work, at the store, or perhaps in your apartment building. When you take the stairs, you are training your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Experts suggest that you take the stairs one step at a time, and one floor at a time, until you've become accustomed to your new routine. …

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